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We transport all types of goods and work with companies in all sectors

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International road transport

Transiberica, a specialist in international road haulage across Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic), will take charge of all your loads in full and partial batches. Our solutions consist of long-distance road haulage with an international focus, as well as short-distance transport with domestic trips.

We transport all types of goods (any type, including perishable or refrigerated goods) and work with companies across all sectors. Our trucks contain industrial, food or chemical goods (ADR). Our transport capacity means we have an even distribution of trucks across the whole of Europe so that we’re always close to your sites, meaning we can load quickly and offer you efficient service. Our trucks, composed of covered semi-trailers (tautliners), refrigerated trailers and vans, can carry loads from 24 to 29 tonnes (44T GCWR in France). Our experience means we can look at your request and suggest the most appropriate mode of transport. It is mainly road transport but sometimes we can offer you a multimodal solution (rail-road transport) depending on the handling locations (loading and delivery) and your transport choice criteria. Usually, the order of these three elements: price, speed and eco-friendliness tip the balance towards a certain choice of transport. For example, the advantage of multimodal transport is its low impact on the environment.

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.

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Transiberica is a transport and logistics company

Our logistics platforms offer solutions for the storage of goods and the handling of pallets. The loading and unloading of full or grouped trucks are part of our daily activities as well as the palletisation and the splitting of pallets in order to improve goods transport flows. Our warehousing facilities are located throughout Europe on strategic road transport routes, making it easy for hauliers to get through. The speed of handling and shipment is a decisive factor and a priority for our transport company.

We speak your language!

We are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Basque. Speaking all of these means we have good communication with all the transport and logistics contacts, as well as the personnel at the loading and unloading sites (factories, factories, logistic platforms, etc.), no matter which country they are located in. If foreign languages are not your forte, we can help you. At your request, we can contact your suppliers or customers to make loading or delivery appointments or even act on your behalf when you encounter logistical difficulties with them. We organise your entire transport operation from start to finish, with due delivery as the end point.

Our dynamic team uses its thirty years of experience to serve you

We respond to your transport and logistics needs quickly thanks to our continuous availability. We constantly strive to keep our services high quality and we are on call seven days a week, including public holidays. If there is an emergency, we can be reached at any time for support with your transport operations asap, thus offering optimal services. We make a point of fulfilling your requirements and keeping our commitments. We guarantee on-time delivery in Europe for all transport operations. You are always informed of your order’s progress in real time thanks to our teams and a road unit geolocation system.