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Italy road transport

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A country on the border with south-east France, Italy is a highly popular country in southern Europe when it comes to both import and export freight transport. The driver/delivers from the Transiberica haulage company use the 7,500 km of motorway running from the north to the south of Italy. Specialising in transporting industrial goods, food industry and construction sector products since 1989, we do our utmost to meet your needs and your expectations throughout Europe.

Transport of goods across all Italian regions

Using the France-Italy/Italy-France road hub that runs through the Mont-Blanc tunnel makes freight transport much easier, enabling goods to be transported quickly between the two countries. As a result, our Tautliner-style trucks and Euro 5 semi-trailers can transit to and from Italy and its provinces.

Our haulier delivers goods to the regions of north-western Italy also known as the Economic Triangle for its economic attractiveness in the heart of Europe: Turin, Milan and Genoa.

Also, the north-eastern region of the country with the major cities: Verona, Venice, Trieste, Padua, Modena, etc. Both Venice and Trieste are located close to the countries of Central Europe, perfect for sending goods between these countries and the Italian mainland.

Then we have central Italy with Rome, Florence, Livorno and finally the south of Italy with the ports of Taranto, Bari and Brindisi.

What type of goods can be delivered to Italy?

Italy has restrictions (ALBO) regarding the transport of dangerous goods. Therefore, we must comply with transalpine region regulations as a result.

Italian import/export goods types

Nevertheless, we can provide transport for the other kinds of goods we specialise in such as food transport (dry, fresh and frozen) with our Tautliner and Megatrailer curtain-sided trucks as well as construction materials transport such as tiles from Spain and Portugal.

Italy is also one of the leading countries in the manufacture of tiles and regularly exports these types of goods to other European countries.
Your haulier can also deliver this category of goods throughout the country from Bologna and Modena, the two main Italian cities for tile imports.

Transiberica customer profiles

In Italy, as in most European countries, our customers are either logistics platforms, food group platforms or food production factories.

Italian goods storage platform

Transiberica also offers its Italian customers the option of using its logistics platform to store any of their goods packed on pallets.

Located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region just 1 hour from the Basque-Spanish border, you can use our logistics platform to store and re-route goods to EU countries.

We offer tailored services to optimise your storage costs. Our road transport company reships your Italian goods through France and the other countries in Europe.

If you would like more details, please see our logistics page.

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.

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