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Transiberica, road transport professionals for the UK

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Specialising in the road haulage sector since 1989, Transiberica transports your goods from France to the United Kingdom as well as in the opposite direction and to other European countries

With our experience in goods transport, our teams will load and deliver at our various platforms to all four nations in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Transport of goods to and from the United Kingdom

Transiberica specialises in the transport of dangerous goods (ADR), groceries, fresh and frozen food products as well as building materials for the home, such as tiles. Transiberica provides a flawless road haulage service for all customers located across every country in the United Kingdom.

Types of trucks for transporting goods to and from the UK

Our road transport company, Transiberica, located in the Landes region of France, uses Euro 5 type lorries that comply with environmental standards, and therefore produce less pollution.

These curtain-sided road vehicles can carry batches of pallets for the packaging and goods transport of ADR products, foodstuffs and building materials. Our trucks are suitable for delivering “ADR” goods, including hazardous and chemical substances. Internationally, our loads cannot exceed 26 tonnes.

This is a list of your haulier Transiberica’s existing fleet of semi-trailers:

See the page about our various types of trucks: Transiberica trucks

Our deliveries throughout the UK

Freight transport across England

We can export your goods from other European countries to cities in the south of England, such as Brighton, Canterbury, London and Oxford via the English Channel or the Channel Tunnel. Our truck drivers also transport your cargo to the north of London and England including Cambridge, Birmingham and Manchester.

Freight transport in Wales

Our road haulage company also has a strong presence in Wales, especially in the capital city of Cardiff.

Freight transport in Scotland

Scotland is also one of the countries in the United Kingdom that our trucks can deliver goods to, and we deliver a lot to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Freight transport in Northern Ireland

Last but certainly not least, we also provide transport of goods to Northern Ireland and its capital Belfast.

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.

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