Transiberica Road Park

The diversity of our fleet, which is made up of 100 vehicles, guarantees that we can handle any type of order between France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Our fleet of semi-trailers is composed of :

  • Traditional tautliner (covered semi-trailer): height of 2.75m under the bar with a sliding roof and a light tare weight of 6 to 7 tonnes.
  • Tautliner (tarpaulin trailer) with Mega lift: height of 2.80m under the bar, can be raised to 3.10m with a sliding roof
  • Megatrailer (covered semi-trailer): fixed height of 2.90m under the bar, not raisable
  • Refrigerated semi-trailer: bi-temperature refrigerated trailer and single-temperature refrigerated trailer for the road transport of fresh and frozen products. The load can reach a volume of 33 pallets.
Entrepôt de stockage de marchandise pour le transport routier

We have Volvo and Renault Euro 5 tractors that comply with environmental standards and are very low in pollution emissions.

The total permitted driving weight is 44 tonnes in France (PTRA 44T). The possible payload is up to 29T in France and up to 26T internationally. Our vehicles are legalized for 44 tons (PTRA) and have light defects.

Our trucks are equipped with straps, brackets, trestles and are suitable for the road transport of dangerous goods (chemical products, ADR).

With an integrated workshop, the maintenance of the park is carried out by us with competent and regularly trained personnel. A weekly on-call service is set up to carry out repairs on the road, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal, in order to guarantee you an optimum quality of service.