Logistics company in Aquitaine  (France)

Our logistics platform offers several services adapted to your needs in order to optimize your storage and transport costs. In our company, we receive national (France) and international (Spain, Portugal, Italy and EU) transport loads, and then we forward them to France, Spain, Italy and Portugal (and other EU countries).

  • Storage company:

We store your goods packed on pallets. We offer several modes of storage: floor storage (mass storage), storage in racks, or in crates.
We also provide you with storage space for your goods or warehousing.

  • Cross docking:

Our logistic transport company practices cross docking. We unload your goods at our docks, prepare your (allocated) orders and then reload them for their final destinations. This transit of your goods through our logistic platform allows you to optimize your storage and transport costs and to improve the flow of your stocks.

  • Order picking:

We divide the goods received previously between the different transports set up to deliver to the final recipient. In other words, the pallets that have been assembled (whether stored or not) are sorted, broken down and reloaded for shipment. The passage to the logistics platform is very fast and allows a reduction of your stock to better adjust it.

  • Specific logistics request:

Our company customizes the offer according to your wishes. Some sectors of activity (mass distribution, industry, automotive) have specific logistics requirements such as receiving pallets, sorting products and then forwarding them.

  • Transport logistics Aquitaine:

We can manage your transport to or from our logistics platform. We program your national and international flows (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, EU) according to your wishes, such as the import or export of goods.

  • Location:

The strategic location of our warehouse on the France-Spain-Portugal axis allows us to be at the centre of your logistic flows. Its location near is Bayonne, Bordeaux and Toulouse, and borders on Spain.

Carte des liaisons de transports routiers de marchandises en Europe

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.
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