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Road haulage Spain

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Transport of goods from and to Spain

We provide loading and unloading services in Spain, giving you the benefit of all our expertise acquired through thirty years of experience in road haulage. Our teams are at your disposal to organise your goods transport. Our full or partially full trucks can handle all types of goods, whether they are on European pallets, in big bags or in any other packaging or format.

Types of goods bound for Spain

From Spain, we provide road haulage for tile imports using our curtain-sided trucks (tautliners) on behalf of our customers from the Castellón area (Valencia), a region internationally recognised for the manufacture of tiles and earthenware. This region has a large number of tile factories which export to the European Union.
We also transport foodstuffs (processed products) and agri-foodstuffs (raw products). The goods such as fruit and vegetables are transported in refrigerated trucks, under controlled temperatures or in simple curtain-sided semi-trailers (tautliner) according to our customers’ needs. We adapt to the demand and seasonality of this market. For example, every year we have the opportunity to bring in large volumes of fruit from Spain during the winter period. We are able to produce a large volume of trucks in a short timeframe to provide a quality service to companies working with seasonal produce such as foodstuffs or a certain category of industrial goods.
Transiberica, a European road haulier, works with Spanish industrial companies, including manufacturers of paper, cardboard, goods for the construction industry, ADR (chemical goods), etc. All our employees are trained in the road transport of chemical goods. To better assist you with your challenges, our internal security advisor is available every day to answer your specific information requests. They ensure that all the compulsory formalities are correctly completed depending on the countries that the transport will be passing through and the type of goods transported, as the regulations vary depending on the class in question.

Exportation and importation of cargo in Spain

With an entire fleet of tautliners, we offer a reliable, fast and flexible road haulage service. The light tares can be used to carry up to 26T internationally, and 29T nationally. We operate daily throughout Spain so we can respond to your urgent requests. The trucks go regularly to Madrid, a central and economically very active city. Its dense industrial fabric means there is a great deal of road transport activity. There is also a lot of industry we provide transport for in Catalonia near Barcelona, in Andalusia towards Seville, Granada, Cordoba and especially in the region of Valencia (Valencia) where the tile, toy and textile industries are established. We also operate in Biscay, near Bilbao, a region where a lot of the metal industry is based. Our curtain-sided semi-trailers provide national and international road haulage from Bilbao to the whole of Europe (France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe).
We have storage platforms across Spain in strategic geographical locations to enable you to optimise your flows and costs. Our logistics platforms allow you to store full or partially full trucks. We arrange the goods to be shipped according to your wishes. The road haulier unloads the goods at our docks, then we can split the pallets to redistribute them in batches or store the whole truck and then send it out again according to your needs. We arrange national and international transport from these platforms.

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.

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