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Road transport from France to European countries

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Road transport from France to Europe

Transiberica, a haulier specialising in the transport of ADR (dangerous goods), foodstuffs and construction products (tiles), delivers throughout Europe from France.

Transport of goods from Europe to France

Transiberica is a French freight haulage company with a strong presence in France, providing connections from France to Europe. However, we can also deliver your goods from a European country across France and its various regions.

Our delivery drivers can travel to 6 European countries, including England, from all over France. We deliver goods to companies in the ADR sector (chemicals), the food industry and the construction/DIY sector.

Types of trucks for delivering and loading of goods throughout France and to European countries

The trucks chartered by the road transport company Transiberica are 44 tonne trucks with tarpaulins (commonly called curtain-sided) that carry batches of pallets for the packaging and transport of goods. For your information, the legal total weight in France is 44 T.

More details on our page about truck types: Transiberica trucks

Road transport from France to Europe

Our road transport service provides connections from France to the countries across Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Europe. We transport ADR, food and construction goods and deliver them from loading platforms spread throughout France and Europe. The New Aquitaine, PACA and Pays de la Loire regions are three of our biggest delivery and loading points. However, we can send any and all of your goods from another French or European region both ways.

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.

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Freight transport to Western Europe

We can transport all your goods in the sectors we specialise in to the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. We can deliver from any region of France to these countries. For example, we can load a truck in Belgium and deliver it to France or another European country.

Freight transport to Northern Europe

We are authorised to transport goods from France to Scandinavian countries, whether it’s Sweden, Finland, Norway, or Denmark. Our trucks, with a capacity of up to 44 tons, are equipped to safely load and transport your dangerous goods, foodstuffs or tiles to these northern European countries.

Freight transport to Central Europe

Need to deliver your goods to Poland, the Czech Republic or Austria? Our haulage service can deliver all your ADR, food and building material products to these countries located in the heart of the European continent. From France or any other European country, our teams adapt to your request and come to you, so you can distribute to your customers throughout Central Europe.

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