Road transport to and from Northern Europe

Specialising since 1989 in the road transport of general goods and hazardous materials (ADR), Transiberica is a French and family-owned company.

The Landes-based transport company assists its European and French customers with transporting their goods to professional businesses. We deliver throughout the European Union and even across Scandinavia.

Freight transport for Scandinavian countries

Our road haulage company is ideally situated, as it is located at the central hub for every connection on the European continent. In fact, from our logistics platform in New Aquitaine, we can provide our services to every country in Western Europe as well as in Northern Europe

From France, we can load your stock and transport it to Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Northern Europe import-export

Whether you are a Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian or Danish company, you can count on our team to transport your goods through these four northern European countries as well as neighbouring countries such as Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands, and even to Spain.

Our freight experts regularly travel to and from the Nordic countries.

Road transport for ADR, food processing and construction

For over 30 years, our company has been providing haulage for general goods and more specialised sectors such as the transport of dangerous materials.

Our customers located in Northern Europe and elsewhere across the “Old Continent” entrust us with:

  • Dangerous, flammable or chemical materials (ADR road transport)
  • Products from industrial food manufacturing
  • Building materials used in the construction sector such as tiles, wood panels, adhesives, plaster, etc.

When it comes to ADR road transport, European Union regulations require us to follow a strict protocol under penalty of heavy sanctions.

These regulations related to:

  • the substance of the dangerous goods;
  • the packaging composition;
  • the marking and labelling of dangerous substances;
  • the road vehicle’s signage and equipment;
  • the certification of the road vehicle’s driver (ADR certificate);
  • the shipment and receipt of the dangerous goods.
Zone de déchargement de marchandises transportées

Our fleet of road transport vehicles

Here are the trucks that we can offer you for transporting your goods to or from Northern European countries:

  • Traditional curtainside semi-trailer: Tautliner;
  • Mega lifting curtainside semi-trailer;
  • Megatrailer curtainside semi-trailer;
  • Refrigerated semi-trailer for the transport of fresh and frozen products.

See the page about our vehicle fleet: Transiberica trucks

As experts in road transport for many years across France and Europe, we never compromise on the regular maintenance of our trucks. We make sure that our truck drivers are safe in order to deliver your goods in the best possible conditions

This means we use experts who are regularly trained in tractor unit maintenance and repair

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.
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