Road transport of food industry

Transiberica handles the road transport of foodstuffs throughout Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, England, Sweden, Norway, Finland, etc.). Our clients are mainly logistics platforms, food group platforms and food production units. In France, this is the leading industrial sector in terms of turnover and employment and processes 70% of agricultural production. It is also a major business sector for Transiberica because a big proportion of the goods we transport by road are from agri-food companies. Our solutions are available to all European companies and as such we transport these goods internationally all the time. For example, every week we load our trucks with products from food production units in Madrid (Spain) and freight them to Paris (France).

We offer to transport and load packaged foodstuffs throughout Europe using our curtain-sided trucks (tautliner, megatrailer). These goods can be on pallets (80 x 120cm or 120cm x 140cm, (EPAL)), in big bags, or in any other packaging (IBC, etc.).

Our team are experts in international foodstuff haulage by road thanks to the know-how they’ve acquired throughout Transiberica’s thirty years of experience. We will meet all your deadlines and fulfil all your requirements (such as loading or unloading timeframes). We are always on call so that you can find out where your foodstuffs are at any given time.

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.
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