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Road transport of dangerous goods

Transiberica specialises in the transport of dangerous goods (ADR) throughout Europe. We arrange road transport for ADR in several classes:

Our in-house safety advisor has implemented a procedure to ensure that all requirements relating to ADR regulations are complied with by all parties. The advisor also drafts the annual reports and mandatory formalities.

We transport dangerous goods in curtain-sided trucks (tautliners) across France, Spain, Portugal and Italy and more generally throughout Europe. We regularly cross over European Union borders with this kind of load because we have all the necessary authorisations. We therefore know all about the documents that are required and the regulations that must be followed for this kind of cross-border road haulage. For each order, we make sure that the drivers have all the safety instructions, safety protocols and the mandatory equipment to transport the requested ADR class.

Our trucks are adapted to transporting dangerous goods (ADR), they can carry loads of 25.5T internationally and 29T domestically and are equipped with all the mandatory elements such as ABC powder fire extinguishers, a shovel, and an ATEX torch. The driver has completed all the obligatory training and so have all our employees. We’re happy to answer all your questions about transporting dangerous goods by road. Our experience means we can offer you suitable transport solutions with great responsiveness.

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.

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