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Netherlands road transport

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Transiberica is a freight haulage company specialising in import-export throughout Europe. We provide a fleet of road vehicles and a team of drivers to companies located in the Netherlands.

Transport of goods to the Netherlands

Are you a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler who wants to send your goods to the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Rotterdam or the Hague? Entrust your goods to a haulier that has been specialising in domestic and international routes for over 30 years

Import of goods from the Netherlands

As a haulier specialising in importing goods from the EU member states, we can also transport your goods from the Netherlands

These goods can be loaded in the Netherlands and then transported to any other European country such as Belgium, Germany, France or Sweden.

We can also deliver to any of the various Dutch provinces.

Goods types and business sectors

The goods we handle are dependent on and exclusive to our clients’ sectors of activity. Since 1989, we have been focusing on and specialising in the following sectors:

Netherlands ADR road transport

We would like to explain further about this type of transport, as it involves dangerous materials subject to strict regulations. ADR road transport is a type of haulage that is closely monitored by the authorities because the goods transported can cause serious road accidents or incidents that may affect the lives of road users, both professionald and private individuals.

Transiberica scrupulously complies with the ADR regulations laid down by the European Union. Here is an overview of the items in the ADR Charter that we are required to comply with:

Types of road trucks for freight transport

Here are the trucks that we can offer you for all your goods transport requests to or from the Netherlands:

See the page about our fleet of tractor units: Transiberica trucks

Our trucks also meet all the regulations for the Euro 5 standard, which has been in force throughout Europe since 2009. This regulation is designed to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases emitted from fuels produced by the oil industry

Every year we carry out safety and mechanical maintenance checks on all our trucks. We are assisted by a team of expert mechanics who specialise in repairing road vehicles and who train regularly in the new safety standards

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.

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