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Transiberica has extended its European road transport business to all sectors. We work with companies from various sectors, including:

The construction/building sector

we load insulation materials, waterproofing materials, glue, plaster, cement, tiles, joinery, concrete, etc. It is a dynamic sector largely influenced by the economic situation. All materials for building and renovating houses and buildings on pallets or in packaging can be delivered by our tautliner trucks. We import materials from all over Europe, especially tiles for construction companies or the building trade.

The food industry

The food industry is the leading industrial sector in France and Europe in terms of turnover, and it fills our lorries with its goods. It is defined as all industrial activities that process raw materials from agriculture and convert them into food products for household consumption. This includes companies that produce biscuits, pasta, milk, cereals, preserves or any packaged foodstuff. They are transported by road in a curtain-sided truck, van (with bodywork) or refrigerated lorry. This sector is very stable even in difficult times.

The pharmaceutical sector

Because we guarantee real time tracking of goods, the pharmaceutical sector (drugs, cosmetics) uses our services. We follow their recommendations in terms of truck type, freight tracking, and transport structuring. We adapt completely to each client’s transport charter and regulations.

The non-food industry sector

The non-food industry sector including paper, cardboard, plastic, furniture, wood panels, waste, plastics, metal, electrical equipment and machinery factories use our road transport services throughout Europe. Dangerous goods of the ADR type are transported by our trucks and such goods are monitored by our internal safety advisor.

We cover more than just the list of sectors and goods shown above. Transiberica loads all complete or partial freight either on pallets or in packaging from all sectors across France, Spain, Portugal and all over Europe (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, etc.). Our trucks are spread over the entire geographical area in which we provide distribution services, i.e. from North to South and from East to West of Europe. This means they can cover the whole area and can quickly get to the loading sites even for last minute requests.

The goods are loaded directly into factories or logistics platforms and then unloaded on delivery to the recipient. The trucks arrive at the unloading site at a set time scheduled in advance if needed or according to a date and time of arrival that we have given you. As a European road haulier, we strive to provide the best possible service and to offer you the benefit of our expertise so you can achieve a flexible and reliable result.

The trucks used most often have a curtain-sided trailer (tautliner). This standard vehicle can contain any type of packaged goods (big-bag, pallets, etc.) that are not sensitive and do not require specific temperatures.

Contact us now for an online quote for international and domestic freight or call us directly for first contact. You then explain your road transport and logistics project in Europe. The we create an offer without any commitment on your part. You will be given personalised advice from a contact person who will be assigned to you and who will follow you throughout our work together. Whether your company is located in Europe or on another continent, we will give you a customised quote in a very short time. Our team with expertise in international transport will speak to you in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Basque.

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.

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