Road transport to and from Germany

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is one of the European countries we provide goods transport for. We have been a courier since 1989 and have been working for the German market and German companies in the industrial, construction and food sectors.

Our goods transport from France to Germany, Germany to France and from other European countries to Germany are all provided by your Transiberica courier.

Which European countries does your courier Transiberica deliver to?

Transiberica, a French road transport company located in the south-west of France, delivers to Europe – and Germany especially – from France or from other countries in Central, Western, Eastern and Northern Europe.

Do you need to load goods from Germany for delivery to another European country? We are equally qualified to meet this demand as well as transporting goods for your German compatriots.

Your deliveries in Germany

As a founding member of the European Union and the Schengen Area, Germany is a central point for the transport of goods, especially our types of goods.

Whether it is for the ADR, food industry or construction sector, our trucks will deliver to your customers in the German cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or Stuttgart.

What kind of goods do we transport in Germany?

The companies that entrust us with the transport of their goods come from three sectors of activity, including:

  • ADR (transport of dangerous goods)
  • Agri-food
  • Building and construction

These companies, which specialise in the manufacture and production of hazardous materials, have trusted us to load and deliver their goods for many years. We are rigorous about the safety of our loads both at the logistic site and on the delivery to the destination in Germany.

All our road vehicles are suitable for the transport of these special goods.
Your Transiberica courier provides a professional, conscientious and committed service throughout the loading and transport chain.

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Road vehicles for your deliveries in Germany

Transiberica, a company specialised in the road transport sector since 1989, our trucks are perfectly designed and equipped for the transport of heavy goods. Your products will be loaded by batches of pallets in our trucks with the greatest care following strict specifications.

Our fleet of 100 registrations includes several trucks with a maximum capacity of 44 tonnes. Our road vehicles travel throughout Europe under Euro 5 regulations so that they create as little pollution as possible. Internationally, we are allowed to drive with a total weight not exceeding 26 tonnes.

In terms of safety, we are very attentive and rigorous with our fleet of road vehicles’ mechanical maintenance. Our mechanical experts regularly examine all our trucks carefully and are also trained on a regular basis.

The following road vehicles are available to our German and European customers:

  • Traditional curtainside semi-trailer: Tautliner;
  • Mega lifting curtainside semi-trailer;
  • Megatrailer curtainside semi-trailer;
  • Refrigerated semi-trailer for the transport of fresh and frozen products.

More details on our page about truck types: Transiberica trucks

From and to Germany, we have been providing our customers in the border region and throughout Europe with quality and reliability in freight transport for over 30 years

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.
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