Road transport to and from Central European countries

As an expert in road haulage since 1989, Transiberica transports goods throughout the continent of Europe.

We deliver to all the countries in the European Union from the western states, to those in central Europe, and to those in the north

Freight transport in the heart of Europe

As a haulier historically based in the south-west of France, Transiberica provides goods transport between Central European countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria as well as the rest of Europe (west and north).

Among these Central European countries, we deliver to and from the cities of Warsaw, Prague, and Vienna as well as the surrounding provinces

We provide freight haulage from these three main countries for customers who want to import goods from Central Europe to the desired destination such as France, Spain, or Germany

Goods types in transit to and from Central Europe

As a company transporting freight throughout Europe, we have road transport expertise in industries such as:

  • Hazardous substance manufacture;
  • Small and large-scale distribution, including food factories;
  • Pharmaceuticals, including medication, vaccines, etc;
  • Materials/construction/DIY.

Our truck types

We use the vehicles below for importing and exporting your goods to the Netherlands and Europe:

  • Traditional curtainside semi-trailer: Tautliner;
  • Mega lifting curtainside semi-trailer;
  • Megatrailer curtainside semi-trailer;
  • Refrigerated semi-trailer for the transport of fresh and frozen products.

See the page about our fleet of trucks: Transiberica trucks

Several times a year we have our trucks inspected and checked so that we can deliver your goods without any technical hitches whatsoever. We have experts in truck repair and maintenance who are regularly trained in all the mechanical and technical details applicable to road vehicles.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint from daily fuel consumption, our road transport company has invested in Renault and Volvo Euro 5 type trucks that comply with European legislation for environmental protection

Flotte de camions de la société de transport routier Transiberica

ADR regulations for the transport of dangerous goods

Today, all goods transport companies are obliged to comply with the European ADR standard governing the transport of dangerous goods such as flammable liquids. Transiberica guarantees the safety of its driver teams and other road users by consciously complying with ADR Charter regulations

Here are the ADR regulations which we must comply with by checking:

  • the substance of the dangerous goods;
  • the packaging composition;
  • the marking and labelling of dangerous substances;
  • the road vehicle’s signage and equipment;
  • the certification of the road vehicle’s driver (ADR certificate);
  • the shipment and receipt of the dangerous goods.

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.
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