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Road transport Portugal

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Freight transport from and to Portugal

As specialists in transporting goods by road, we load and unload in Portugal using the experience we’ve acquired over the last thirty years. All of our employees are always on hand to organise your international or domestic goods haulage. Our fleet can load pallets, big bags and any other kind of packaging containing any kind of goods in full or in partial batches.
From Portugal, we transport freight by road from tile factories to every country in Europe (Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, and Eastern Europe). The Aveiro region is a basin where the biggest tile manufacturers in Portugal are located.

Types of goods from and to Portugal

Transiberica, a European road haulier, transports food and agri-foodstuffs to and from Portugal. Fruit, vegetables and processed products are transported by van, refrigerated truck or tautliner. All European countries import seasonal produce from Portugal, which generates high levels of road transport activity over a short period of time. For example, during the winter period, our company often loads large volumes of citrus fruits. Because we plan well in advance, we can offer you an efficient and fast service with many trucks available over a desired period. Our offer is fully tailored to the needs of customers with fluctuating business activity throughout the year (depending on the climate or other criteria).
The industrial sector, including plastic, construction, metal and chemical plants (ADR) use our international road transport services all the time. Our teams have been fully trained about chemicals as stipulated by ADR regulations. Our company’s security consultant can provide you with all the information you need. They draft our mandatory annual reports and ensure that all the rules recommended by the ADR (Geneva Convention) are complied with according to the type of goods transported.

Exportation and importation of goods in Portugal

Our guiding principles are reliability, speed and adaptability. We are able to deliver on these values thanks to our teams’ professionalism.Our curtain-sided trucks are able to load up to 26T internationally. Their daily coverage of the whole of Portugal gives us real flexibility and enables us to respond to all your last minute requests. Our tautliners (curtain-sided trucks) and refrigerators regularly travel to Lisbon and the surrounding area (Setubal) where economic activity is dynamic especially with the automotive industry. They operate a lot as well in the Porto region (Vila Nova de Gaia) known for its textile and shoe industry. From Braga, Aveiro and Coimbre (Coimbra), we load freight for the building sector. We load in these regions to deliver to other European countries.
A logistics platform located in Portugal means we can store goods so that you can maximise your supply chain strategy. The storage of full or partial truckloads enables you to deliver staggered goods to your end customer. You can opt for this solution when you lack storage space in your warehouses. Storing goods for road transport at a well-located platform also enables us to split the pallets so we can redistribute the batches and transport them throughout Europe at a lower cost.

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.

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