Belgian road transport

Transport of goods to and from Belgium

Our road haulage company transports your goods to and from Belgium. Our trucks are able to depart from France to Belgium and vice versa as well as from or to another European country.

For example, your goods can be loaded in Spain for delivery to Belgium or from Belgium to Germany or France. We also provide national connections from Belgium to Belgium, like Brussels to Antwerp for example

Since 1989, Transiberica has been exporting and importing goods for our customers located across Europe, especially in Belgium. We are used to loading your goods on our logistics platforms in Belgium or elsewhere in Western, Eastern and Northern Europe.

Goods types transported to Belgium

Transiberica, a French road transport company located in the Landes region, specialises in the transport of goods for companies throughout Europe. We have targeted our cargo loading and delivery service to three specific industries:

  • The industry sector: transport of dangerous goods (ADR), waste, aluminium structures, paper, cardboard, bottles, etc.
  • The agri-food sector: small and large-scale distribution, the agri-food industry, fresh and frozen products, groceries, etc.
  • The construction/building sector: insulation materials, waterproofing materials, tiles, glues, plaster, joinery, etc.
  • The pharmaceutical sector: medicines, cosmetics, etc.

These are examples of products or items that we deliver to our European and Belgian customers but it isn’t a complete list of everything we handle.

The construction and building sector is very dynamic in Europe. As building materials hauliers, we are regularly used for delivery orders throughout Europe.

Zone de déchargement de marchandises transportées

Export and import of goods into Belgium

Transiberica, a French road haulage company, ensures that all our Belgian customers receive their goods as quickly as possible and in the best possible conditions. We provide our services to Brussels-Capital and its suburbs, the Walloon region (Namur) and the Flemish region (Antwerp).

Truck types for transporting goods across Belgium

Our road fleet consists of Volvo and Renault Euro 5 trucks, which reduce the release of greenhouse gas emissions and fine particles into the atmosphere. The Euro 5 standard came into force in Europe in September 2009.

  • Traditional curtainside semi-trailer: Tautliner;
  • Mega lifting curtainside semi-trailer;
  • Megatrailer curtainside semi-trailer;
  • Refrigerated semi-trailer for the transport of fresh and frozen products.

Discover our road vehicles in detail on this page: Belgian truck types

Our trucks are equipped with straps, brackets and trestles for all the above mentioned goods. The total rolling weight may not exceed 44 tonnes, but for international traffic the legislation requires a total rolling load of 26 tonnes. Our vehicles can legally carry a total weight of 44 T (PTRA), so we use light tares.

Our vehicles are able to deliver all dangerous and chemical goods in the safest conditions possible

Transiberica has a workshop incorporated as part of its French logistics platform. Our fleet of road vehicles is maintained by our experienced and regularly trained experts in order to ensure that your goods are delivered without any issues

We customise our road transport offers to suit your needs.
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